Mall of Saya Shopper’s Heaven

Mall of Saya is a bliss for must-have international fashion, trendy stores and a whole lot more. This is the complex that will complete your every need and fulfill your heart with happiness and pleasure. It is located in Greater Noida west having amazing connectivity, beautiful design and greenery everywhere. It is not only a mall that fill only your shopping needs but also offer you memorable moments as it has multiplex, pub, restaurants and entertainment zone. If you have a passion for luxury brands, you can head to this mall and explore the famous brands.

Mall of saya is based on two words that are sustainability and eco-friendliness. This shopping centre save the planet while offering shoppers a stellar retail experience. The architecture and design has been built with eco-conscious principles in mind and the passing of sunlight in each shop saves the electricity bill. If we talk about the outside park, it is fitted with flowers, plants where you can refresh your mind and energize yourself. Moreover, lush greenery is also planted on the fringes and corridors of the mall. The mall’s energy-efficient air-conditioning system keep the temperature normal, which in turn enhances your overall shopping experience.

Saya Mall Noida deploys several eco-friendly features to make the environment and atmosphere fresh and green. Use of Glazed glass on the mall’s exterior make it amazing. The gents can hit up electronic shops, the women can go to the branded stores and trendy showrooms and even the children are catered to with kiddy palace. It also offers a wonderful space for business owners where they will get spacious zone to set up their business and grow it in the right direction.There is truly something for everyone here, so catch the market and do lots of shopping.

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