Soorma Quick Movie Review: Dilip Dosanjh’s film that will keep you tied up till the first part

The biopic phase is going on in Bollywood these days. Just two weeks ago, Rajkumar Hirani had appeared in Sanju with some parts of the life of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt and now Shahid Ali has landed in the field with the biopic Soorma of Indian hockey player Sandeep Singh. Biopic also has its own dangers, but it seems that it is also a safe zone. The popular characters and cinema together will not even create hype but will allow the box office to pass, at least the filmmakers have probably begun to believe it.

Bollywood updates about ‘Soorma‘, it is the biopic of a player whose story is inspiring. Dilip Dosanjh played the character of Sandeep Singh, who is considered to be the best drag flicker in the field of hockey. Together, there are strong characters like Tapsi Pannu, Angad Bedi, Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Vijay Raj. ‘Soorma‘ is a good film compared to Shad Ali’s previous films, but in the name of Sports biopic, you only include it in mediocrity.

How is the first half of the film

As per bollywood news, First half of the film is good. The film reaches the interval, encompassing a lot of time in a short span of time. Sandeep Singh (Diljeet Dosanjh) does not have any passion about hockey, so he leaves the field of hockey in his childhood. The time has passed, but Sandeep’s craze is not about hockey but he is crazy about the hockey player Harpreet (Tapsi Pannu). Sandeep gets ready to play hockey back due to his craziness. Returning to the field is not easy, but Sandeep took help of his elder brother Bikram (Angad Bedi) in this work. Bikram is himself a hockey player, despite being the best player, he could not make his place in the national team.

One day, Sandeep watches running the hockey stick in Bikram farm and observes that Sandeep’s ball is a special way of dragging. Bikram understood that Sandeep flipped the good drag, but still the entry in the team is difficult. Bikram took to  Sandeep at the hockey coach Harry (Vijay Raj) in Patiala, and from here the story begins to become a professional player of an amateur drag flicker. Sandeep, wants to play hockey for Harpreet, along with his father and brother’s dream is also running parallel.

Sandeep plays in his international debut match in 2006, playing on behalf of the Indian team. Whenever life seems to be coming back to the tracks, at the same time, while going to play the World Cup Sandeep Singh is shot in the hands of a security personnel. Overall, the first half of the film is entertaining.

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