TDP MP invokes Mahesh Babu’s Bharat Ane Nenu during no-confidence motion debate


Latest Bollywood Updates is that during the debate on the motion of confidence in the Lok Sabha on Friday, the MP mentioned a movie to target the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Telugu Desam Party MP Galla Jaidev accused the government of not fulfilling its promises. During his speech, he referred to Mahesh Babu’s superhit film, ‘Bharat Aan Nenu’ and said that ‘the promises should be fulfilled’. As per bollywood Updates, there are probably very few occasions in India’s history, in which the films are mentioned in the House. But today Jaydev Galla of TDP mentioned the Telugu film ‘Bharat Anne Nanu’ in the Lok Sabha.

According to bollywood News, MP Galla Jaidev said, “The recently released Telugu movie ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’, which means ‘I am India’, is the story of a young migrant Indian whose name is Bharat. He returns home after sudden death of his Chief Minister father. He comes to politics forcefully, but becomes an active Chief Minister. ‘ The MP said, “Bharat always remembers her mother advice and abides by that. She said that one promise is promise and if does not complete that promise then he has no right to call herself a person.”  He said that this movie was a super hit because it spoke of the common man’s mind. The public has been bored with hollow assurances and incomplete promises.

Let me tell the bollywood news that MP Gaya Jaidev is the brother-in-law of actor Mahesh Babu. Jaydev, whose family owns the Amara king group. Mahesh Babu’s father and veteran Telugu actor Krishna’s son-in-law. He keeps a good deal from a well-known business family.

Gaya Jaidev is counted among wealthy MPs. During the general elections of 2014, he declared his total assets at 683 crores. Latest Bollywood news is that, by mentioning Mahesh Babu’s film, various responses came to the social media. Bollywood updates about some commented that they were trying to promote their film, while others have commented that it shows how politics and movies are deeply related to each other, especially in Andhra Pradesh.

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