Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar battle face to face in 2.0 teaser

Latest bollywood news, Akshay Kumar has stepped into the cinema of South and the teaser of the film i.e. 2.0 has been launched. Akshay Kumar’s horror look was fascinating his fans in the posters coming in between and for a while and the video has now been released. At the same time 2.0 has become the first in the country whose teaser has been introduced in 3D format. Please tell bollywood updates that the film is a sequel of Rajinikanth’s earlier film Anthiran i.e. robot. Aishwarya Rai had worked with Rajinikanth in this film, while Amy Jackson was taken as a heroine in sequel. Akshay and Amy have already worked together in Singh Is Bling 2. By the way, if you also see 2D teaser of 2.0 then it will also impressed by it.

Story of the film

As per bollywood news, One minute 31 seconds teaser has been shown that the mobile phones of the residents of the city suddenly start flying out of their hands. Also all mobile phones keep in the shop seem to disappear. Through this incident the entire city is in panic. Meanwhile, there is a glimpse of Akshay Kumar’s horrible look. With this incident, city’s big leader is having meeting with the  Scientist Vasikiman (Rajinikanth). Prof. Vashi advises them that Robot Chitty (Rajinikanth) can save with this problem. After this, chitti is taken out from the museum.

More than 3,000 technicians have done work

Let us know bollywood updates that the specialty of this film is its VFX. Akshay Kumar told through a tweet that more than 3,000 technicians have worked for the film. Well, the glimpses of teasers are telling that it has been tried to make Hollywood standard.

According to bollywood updates, these effects seem to be imprecise in normal video and afterwards it is believed that the biggest opener for 2.0 years can be created. Many experts believe that if teaser gets good mouth publicity, it can earn up to 100 crores on the first day.

First choice was not Akshay

By the way, as per bollywood news, Akshay Kumar was not the first choice for 2.0. Before that, the role was also offered to Aamir Khan. At the same time, the budget of 2.0 is being said to be 550 crore, which is 200 million more than Bahubali.

The total budget of Bahubali was Rs. 350 crores. At the same time, shooting of 2.0 for many technical reasons was delayed due to which the release of the movie is also a long one. By the way, now when the teaser of the film is in front of us, then how can the film be made, you can guess it yourself!

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