The benefits of Investing in Commercial property in Noida

When it comes to investment, everybody run towards the property investment and commercial property has been an attractive investment for a long and offers you a number of benefits. Commercial Property in Noida provide you the best opportunity for small investors as well as big investors. So, think about your budget and ready for investment. In a survey, people have analyzed that commercial property has got better ROI as compare to the residential property in Noida. Commercial property is comprised of three categories that are retail, office and industrial property and each category provide you a unique benefit. Let’s read it:
1. High Returns:
Commercial property provide you the higher returns in the form of income and capital growth. So, investors can easily plan about their gains and outcomes out of commercial projects investment.
2. Highly Appreciation:
Commercial property in Noida got the highest value or appreciation with less amount of money as compare to other investments. The investment in commercial property depends upon the class and standard, otherwise it is the best and easy investment at affordable price.
3. Commercial property does not disappear:
If you compare the investment with the other such as stock investment, commercial property investment is the stable investment and it does not disappear. Investors can generate income and analyze the growth of the price timely. But sometimes, stocks value become decreased or destroy.
4. Small amount of down payments:
Commercial properties has lower rate of down payment as compare to residential property. So, you can save your amount from commercial property and invest into the residential property also.
5. Provide Long term Lease:
Commercial property in Noida provide the long terms lease. If anybody open a business or any shop, will not move easily to another place. Tenant tend to stay longer to increase their business and brand in the market.

Commercial Property in Noida – Most lucrative options of investment

Experts and real estate critics who all are tracking the progress of real estate market believes that Noida is one of the most promising destination for investment in commercial developments. The real commercial Property in Noida has been always topping the charts in terms of highest reckonings of commercial units as well as office space captivation. Market structure of Noida is experience a robust demand from all over the Delhi NCR and far away regions. In very recent past, many new shopping malls and commercial markets have emerged in Noida and are receiving appreciation and huge response from customers. Count of visitors to this city has increased manifold just because of the increased count of malls, brand shops, commercial markets, entertainment zones etc. and this is further contributing in increasing the footfalls of customers at trade shops.

It is the positive sign for Noida that it has emerged as the top investment destination for commercial properties and this is favourable for investors and customers too. People who are planning for starting a new business or have strategies for expanding their business plan then Noida is going to be the best city for ensuring high returns on investments.

Several multinational companies and organisations have established their offices in commercial Property in Noida, which are well planned and structured for office spaces. Every residential sector has evenly planned commercial markets and these trade shops are counted as the most lucrative options of investment. All these business spaces and expansions are amazingly designed and are available in affordable price too. Well-established real estate developers of Noida are planning and designing their distinct commercial projects are per the necessities and demand of future market. With all these features, conveniences, and well-planned infrastructure, standing of Noida in commercial development cannot be overlooked.

Commercial Property in Noida – A perfect business to grow

Why the Shopping Complexes are in more Demand?

Have you been to any of the shopping malls in Noida? Noida is the modern city and filled with IT hub and modern life. The shopping culture in Noida is growing day by day because of the development of shopping malls. These complexes are packed with shoppers from morning until night. If you are property seeker and looking for investment, then commercial property in Noida is the best choice for you all as the shopping in shopping mall became trend now a days.
Why the shopping Complex is in more demand:

All in one place:You can find anything according to your own choice in these malls. These complexes are packed with stores from all over the world and you can easily spend a whole day in shopping. Here, you will get everything as you need.

Window shopping:The shopping malls are great for window shopping and people watching. Each mall is filled with people from other regions and foreign countries. These malls will not only give you the perfect buyers but also offer a perfect business to grow.That is why shopping malls are in great demand and that is the main reason why the people is investing more in Commercial property in Noida.

Biggest brands:These Shopping malls are equipped with the biggest and latest brands. You can buy anything you want such as – electronic, clothes, fashion and beauty accessories, home materials, laptop, jewelry etc.
Shopping hub and Entertainment hub both: here, you can shop in the most relaxing environment and enjoy your day to the fullest. If you are shopaholics, you will really like to spending time in the malls of Noida. Here, you will not only shop but also enjoy some entertainment section like watch movies, taste the delicious food in restaurants and play indoor games and much more to fun. Moreover, offer countless fun recreational activities such as games center, bowling alleys etc.

Commercial Property in Noida – A Boon or a Bane

Open offices have been identical with suppleness, communication and collaboration. However, they are slowly losing their purpose and possibly the very thing they intended to accomplish, especially due to ever increasing complaints from employees about noise and clutter. As the saying goes “One size doesn’t fits all,” it just maybe true in the case of open-offices too. Commercial property in Noida is going to develop in more advance manner because companies are now beginning to redesign and create a unique structure. They keep everything keep unique like employees privacy and safety and escape other distractions.
An open office floor plan is distinguished by neither fully closed area nor separate rooms. The workstations are divided merely by square wise and it includes benching and disking. The offices are according to the strength of the employees where they can work perfectly. But some offices are too small and some offices are too large. Let’s read the pros and cons of the commercial property in Noida that open offices – a boon or a bane.
The Pros:
The cost of opening an office is lesser due to smaller footprint and decreased build-cost area. The offices can place larger number of people because of the perfect layout or design. So, invest into the office will give you number of benefits. Open offices also emphasize on growth and resilience, and tend to remove age barriers. Around 70% of US personnel work in an open office.
The Cons:
Some may feel distraction resulting in reduced productivity. There are reports that suggest that 25 to 30% employees are not able to work under imperceptible but constant surveillance, besides dealing with other sounds and distractions. Some told that 25 to 35 percent employees face the concentration problem. The Commercial Property in Noida placed in shopping mall that includes shops, entertainment section also and it distracts their mind.

Commercial Property in Noida – marvelous retail space


Noida is the new real estate destination in India. The city has created large number of a giant projects and mega townships in Noida including various commercial Property in Noida. The incredible property of Noida has become the centre of many real estate companies and the people who are seeking for property in Noida.

The best part about Noida there are metro connectivity and lots of advanced facilities that bother people to book the property and make your life secure. The commercial property in Noida is being praised for style, luxury and comfort to do business. There are lots of fine projects that are Gaur City Center Shops, Air will Infelicity and lots of other projects that attract the buyer to purchase commercial property in Noida. But the developers are also playing main role in constructing these projects. The most experienced company Gaur Sons has made marvelous projects of commercial retail spaces in Noida extension. Commercial property in Noida are in great demand now a days and more and more developers are delivering lockable office spaces, IT parks, business centers, retail shops in their projects.

Noida is not only a single city; it is a combination of Noida Extension, Greater Noida and the main city. Noida attracts buyers and investors in great amount. Developers make the city best because of the design, quality, facilities and construction. They exactly know the needs of the buyers and that you look only for the best. Buying commercial property in Noida is a tricky business, with factors like location, builder, size, infrastructure, amenities, interiors, connectivity and easy documentation. But there are large options to choose and book your property. So, make a list of thousands of properties and choose the best one. Come in the Noida city and make your life an outstanding one.

Nilaya Central Park newly developed residential project

These days there is a huge availability of apartments in Delhi NCR and home seekers are also seeking the best possibilities at affordable rates. Now days there is one name in news which is being appreciated much for multiple factors like location advantages, affordable pricing and overall availability world class amenities. This prominent housing community is being raised by the name of Nilaya Central Park and this is now becoming the favorite housing development of all time. It is situated in Raj Nagar Extention and this locality is fully surrounded by all modern civic facilities.
Also this is a green building which is planned with 80% of open space which is full of beautiful landscapes, fountains, open sit out areas, multiple courts for different sports, and swings area for children. Also there are multiple in house amenities which is available for every resident of this society and all these modern facilities are available within the boundaries of this project. This project is huge in terms of area on which it is being built and also in terms of facilities it is providing to customers with affordable prices.
High rise towers of Nilaya Central Park will lodge more than 1500 housing apartments at a height of upto 14 floors. These entities are obtainable in sizes of 2BHK and 3BHK apartments and profitable area choices from 990 square feet to 1375 square feet.Broad roads, imminent metro connectivity in close proximity makes this locality the favorite place for contented living.It is also very near to residential hub of indirapuram, Noida and Greater Noida West. This newly developed residential project is being built on a GDA approved land and is situated on four sided open plot. This development is under construction and construction work is going on in full swing under the guidance of expert engineers and designers.

Galaxy Blue Sapphire Plaza – Attractive Shops


Noida is a hustling bustling metropolitan city and is regarded as the modern and best city of India.There has been a flood of international brands because of the development of IT hub and business development. So, Noida is filled with various shopping complex and Galaxy Blue Sapphire is one of them located in Noida Extension that has completely changed the face of the city.Experience in shopping malls is about spending some quality time here. Experience is also unique when you see the local brands as well as global brands, tourist and foreigners all having a fun time under a single roof.

Catch your brand here at Galaxy Blue Sapphire Noida offer a huge variety of attractive shops, food court and entertainment zone. There are number of shops in different corners of the mall and you can go anywhere to purchase anything. If you are getting tired of shopping, just enter into the movie hall and restaurants and spend some amazing time in watching movie and eating delicious food. This mall provide a relaxing and comfortable shopping experience in a congenial environment. This shopping complex has a sprawling shopping area of 1, 50, 000 sq.ft. It is becoming one of the most promising entertainment destination and has added a new invention to the city’s view.

Galaxy Blue Sapphire Plaza is the latest shopping center in Noida and quite near to the IT companies and school and colleges, so that this commercial project can fetch number of visitors for your business. If you are planning to open a shop, then this is the golden chance to take your business to the upper level. The mall occupies lifestyle, landmark and housing top brands.  The food zone also offers a wide range of dishes and entertainment section offers wide range of interior games and movie theatre. So, enter into it and enjoy your life with the fullest.

Paras One33 –Latest Shopping mall in Noida


Malls in Delhi NCR have changed a lot in past decade and the whole shopping experience has been redesigned, from basic trials to the usage, offers and payment options (voucher/ discount cards) and the crowd too. Every single mall is filled from designer apparel stores to heavy electronics, loaded with full of amusement and not to miss out the restaurants. But the latest mall that is Paras one33 located in Noida sector 33 give you the best shopping malls in Noida. When you Google or try to navigate, you will find the name Paras One33 easily; because it is the famous and popular shopping destination. The Biggest mall in Noida in terms of the floor area and range of item and products it has covered. One of a great destination for brand conscious shoppers and can find all types of eateries.

Paras Group has hit Noida in recent years, with new malls popping up all over the city. Most malls are more than just shopping destinations. They’ve got huge food, gaming, and entertainment zones as well, offering fun for the whole family. There are lots of garden and beautiful outside water fountain where you can relax and feel fresh air and make your evening a memorable one.

Paras One33 Noida is conveniently located in greater Noida west, give away the fact that this area used to be full of residential projects and to develop IT zone. This diverse mall, which now measures 3.3 million square feet is now going to be ready soon. The shops are available with full furnished and all the area is centrally air-conditioned. You’ll also find a courtyard containing food shops, bowling alley, gaming arcade, and sports bar. After shopping in the evening, head to the nearby restaurants and bars for a meal or drink. So, enjoy your day and feel the unique experience

Gaur City Center – Gaur Sadar Bazaar Distinguished Collection of Goods

gaur city center

Are you looking for the famous shopping malls in Delhi NCR? Still searching for the best product at a cost-effective price? Here is the right destination for you. Yes, Gaur City center is the best shopping complex in located in Noida extension where you can do shop for your entire family. The mall has six floors with fully air-condition and the restroom is available on every floor. There is a large food court on the fourth floor, apart from the food court, a hypermarket and a retail shops are also located on the second and third floor. Other than this, you can enjoy your day also by going in the movies and entertainment zone located on the top floor.

Gaur City center is an ultimate family leisure, entertainment and shopping destination that is going to be open soon. This mall has an extensive range of shopping, dining and entertainment choices where you can come along with your families and enjoy your beautiful day as a picnic spot. The mall is ideally located close to many attractions such as near to the upcoming metro station, surrounded by lakhs of families and very close to the IT companies, so it can bring number of customers to this shopping destination.

Enjoy the well-deserved break here after the exhausting exam season with your family at your favorite destination for shopping, eating, drinking and playing. Gaur Sadar Bazaar is not only filled with shops but also offers shopping carnivals, live music band and fashion show also. So, it is a full box of entertainment under a single roof which will make your day amazing than you think. So, get ready to welcome this beautiful commercial property in your city only. So, plan your family fun weekend and enjoy with full entertainment.

Paras One33 Noida supreme style or fashion store


Noida’s contemporary, multi-store shopping malls are a shopaholic’s paradise. the commercial complex fulfills your each requirement from accommodate to your shopping lifestyle in terms of every taste, pocket and style. The latest addition to the city’s ‘malls cape’ is the Paras One33 Noida.

This mall is where you’ll find the city’s supreme style or fashion stores, international brands, book shops, specialty stores, accessories stands and all kinds of luxury designer lifestyle goods. Here, you will find your suitable choice. Most complexes are easily accessible via Buses, autos, metros etc as it is very near to the transportation facilities.

Paras One33 is launching modern mall to spend some quality time, luxury shopping centre where you find some luxury item and plenty of opportunities to bag some bargains. It is going to popular with visitors and ex-pats, and their influence can often be seen in the variety of shops you find here with Emporium offering luxury shopping, and nearer to the residential projects.

This shopping plaza is one of my favorite shopping complexes in Delhi NCR as it is located in nearby the expressway and easy to reach and get anything you want. Paras One33 is a great shopping mall, with its combination of huge posh shopping centers with chick international and Asian fashion design, but once you pop out on the street you can also find all kinds of cool and cheap stuff!

You will not find any other shopping destination than this mall with this kind of combination, where you can both shop cheap local designs and purchase international brand, and luxury brands like Louis Vinson. So, enjoy your day by eating, drinking, entertaining, watching and shopping in this commercial zone at paras One33 Noida.