‘Crazy Rich Asians’ to release in India on September 21

‘Crazy Rich Asian’ has earned a huge box office profit on its influential story, and this film is going to release in India. The releasing date is September 21.

This film has been termed as the first contemporary English language Hollywood movie, in which all actors are Asian. ‘Crazy Rich Asian’ is based on Kevin Quan’s book. This movie is about the story of Chinese-American Rachel Cheu and her boyfriend Nick Young. Twist comes in the story when Nick takes Rachel to Singapore at the wedding of his close friend.

The film is based on the book by the same name written by Kevin Kwan. The actors in the main lead role are Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Gemma Chan, Awkwafina, Nico Santos, Lisa Lu, Ken Jeong, and Michelle Yeoh.

Earlier, the producer announced that the movie will not be release in India. After this many Indian users expressed disappointment over the non-release of the film in India. It is a shame, a user said, though the film based on the book is much better, but the effects of the scenes of the film will be remembered for a long time. Another wrote, “It is sad that the best movies are not released, while better films are definitely released.”

However, the movie is going to release on September 21 in India.

Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar battle face to face in 2.0 teaser

Latest bollywood news, Akshay Kumar has stepped into the cinema of South and the teaser of the film i.e. 2.0 has been launched. Akshay Kumar’s horror look was fascinating his fans in the posters coming in between and for a while and the video has now been released. At the same time 2.0 has become the first in the country whose teaser has been introduced in 3D format. Please tell bollywood updates that the film is a sequel of Rajinikanth’s earlier film Anthiran i.e. robot. Aishwarya Rai had worked with Rajinikanth in this film, while Amy Jackson was taken as a heroine in sequel. Akshay and Amy have already worked together in Singh Is Bling 2. By the way, if you also see 2D teaser of 2.0 then it will also impressed by it.

Story of the film

As per bollywood news, One minute 31 seconds teaser has been shown that the mobile phones of the residents of the city suddenly start flying out of their hands. Also all mobile phones keep in the shop seem to disappear. Through this incident the entire city is in panic. Meanwhile, there is a glimpse of Akshay Kumar’s horrible look. With this incident, city’s big leader is having meeting with the  Scientist Vasikiman (Rajinikanth). Prof. Vashi advises them that Robot Chitty (Rajinikanth) can save with this problem. After this, chitti is taken out from the museum.

More than 3,000 technicians have done work

Let us know bollywood updates that the specialty of this film is its VFX. Akshay Kumar told through a tweet that more than 3,000 technicians have worked for the film. Well, the glimpses of teasers are telling that it has been tried to make Hollywood standard.

According to bollywood updates, these effects seem to be imprecise in normal video and afterwards it is believed that the biggest opener for 2.0 years can be created. Many experts believe that if teaser gets good mouth publicity, it can earn up to 100 crores on the first day.

First choice was not Akshay

By the way, as per bollywood news, Akshay Kumar was not the first choice for 2.0. Before that, the role was also offered to Aamir Khan. At the same time, the budget of 2.0 is being said to be 550 crore, which is 200 million more than Bahubali.

The total budget of Bahubali was Rs. 350 crores. At the same time, shooting of 2.0 for many technical reasons was delayed due to which the release of the movie is also a long one. By the way, now when the teaser of the film is in front of us, then how can the film be made, you can guess it yourself!

Mall Of Saya A Perfect Spot to Unwind

Saya Mall is a new commercial project launched by Saya group in Greater Noida West. In a very short period of time Saya group has become a synonym of luxury and genuineness by evolving new possibilities and raising the standards of living and shopping experience of customers all around the country. Saya Group has already delivered multiple residential and commercial projects in market and construction work is going in multiple of them in full pace. This all makes Saya Group stands out of the queue of other builders.

Mall Of Saya is under planning and construction right now and possession is scheduledsoon.  It is spread over an area of multiple acres and is coming up as one of the biggest commercial and shopping complex in Greater Noida west. It is a three-sided open plot with road on both sides of it and is well connected with greater Noida and Greater Noida west. Nation’s best architects complete architecture and design of building and Main features of this complex are multiple screen huge auditoriums, and multilevel parking space along with multiplex which will be unique in itself. Saya Group has also planned for spaces, which will dedicatedly for organizational offices, huge food court, supermarkets, shops of different brands and much more.

Safety and security is ensured under the surveillance of CCTV cameras installed at all important interchanges of mall. Modern high speeds lifts are available for smooth drive on multiple floors of mall. Mall is being built with the convenience of centrally air conditioned environs and also with WIFI connectivity inside the mall which will be available for visitors and dealers having shops in mall. Water supply and power back up is also available all round the clock. This sets it as the best option to look for any commercial investment.

After Alia Bhatt Sidharth Malhotra dating Nora Fatehi

Bollywood actor Siddharth Malhotra is in the bollywood news about his love life these days. It is worth mentioning that before the relationship with Ranbir Kapoor, Alia’s name was associated with Siddharth Malhotra, but Alia has now become Ranbir. At the same time, Siddharth was recently added to the actress of Lust Story, Kira Advani. But there are recent bollywood updates that Siddharth has taken the side of some other actress with Kira. Know who is that beautiful actress …

According to bollywood news reports, Siddharth is seeing quality time with Dilwara girl Nora Fatehi these days. However, it has not yet been revealed that where both of them met. Please tell bollywood updates to you that this pair has not worked together in any project yet. At the same time, it is now to see how the two come forward to relate to their relation.

Bollywood news talking of the films of these two stars, Siddharth is busy shooting for his movie ‘Jabaria Jodi’. In this film, he will be seen with Parineeti Chopra. Besides, he will also be seen in Vikram Batra’s biopic. Talking about bollywood news of Nora Fatehi, she will soon be seen in Salman Khan’s film “Bharat”, directed by Ali Abbas’s Zafar.

Movie Review – Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi

Movie Review : Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi

Star cast: Sonakshi Sinha, Jimmy Shergill, Piyush Mishra, Diana Penty, Ali Fazal, Jassi Gill, Jason Thom

Director: Mudassar Aziz

Rating: 3 Star

‘Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi’ is a light-hearted entertainment film that makes you laughs. It is a sequel of the 2016 hit film ‘Happy Bhag Jayegi’, in which Diana Panti, Jimmy Shergill, Abhay Deol and Ali Fazal were on the lead role. Now Abhay Deol is out of sequel and Sonakshi Sinha, Jassi Gill’s entry has taken place. As per bollywood updates, the most beautiful thing about this movie is that even if you have not seen the previous film, its lack will not hurt you. The film does not wander anywhere and all the actors have been given an equal opportunity which does not go wrong.


In the previous film, Happy goes to Patiala to Pakistan and there is a lot of confusion. But here the story of the film transmits you from Patiala and Delhi to Shanghai, China. Here, the first Happy (Diana Panti) at the airport reaches the concert with her husband and the second Happy (Sonakshi Sinha) reaches for her professor’s job.

There is already planning for Kidnapping of Happy, but in the Confusion the second Happy is kidnapped instead of a first Happy. After that, suddenly, Daman Bagga (Jimmy Shergill) from Patiala and Osman Afridi (Piyush Mishra) from Pakistan kidnapped and they reach China. It starts from here, Siaapa. Happy meets Khushwant Singh (Jassi Gill) who works in Ambassi. All of these have one connection. After all why kidnapping people are behind Happy? After all, how does this complete confusion happen? And what is all this connection to Pakistan? To know this, watch the movie.


Latest bollywood news, Sonakshi Sinha is going to give you relief after giving flop movies like ‘Akira’, ‘Noor’, ‘Ittefaq’ and ‘Welcome to New York’. In the previous film, Diana Panti received a lot of praise for Happy Roll. Sonakshi does not even allow it to be frustrated anywhere. Sonakshi’s personality also feels dizziness, which makes her character look even stronger.

It can be said by bollywood updates about Jimmy Shergill that he is the film’s life. In it, Jimmy Shergill cooperates with Piyush Mishra. Both of them appear in the same place in the film. Both dialogues or comedy laugh together. In one place, Jimmy Shergill says that ‘You are my big brother’, then the answer to Piyush Mishra is, ‘You have really drunk  to tell a Pakistani to the brother …’. All hit dialogues in this movie are both of them.

Looking at Jimmy Shergill you will be remembered by Raja Awasthi of ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ series … who are always ready for marriage but the girl runs away. The song ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ series and co-producer Anand L Roy of the film. The film also offers a glimpse of their own style.

Latest bollywood news of the Punjabi Singer and actor Jassi Gill is that he is  debuting in Bollywood with this film. In the beginning, seeing them does not look very special, but in a while, he catches the speed and then he gives tough competition to all the actors. By the end, he does not think he is working for the first time in Hindi film.

Choreography and actor Jason Thom is in the team of Kidnapper in China. Their gesture and dialog delivery are very great. Besides, the rest of the actors also do not give a chance to criticize.


This film has been directed by Mudassar Aziz. He also wrote the story of the film and dialogues. He has given only a few characters in sequel but the story is completely different. While expanding their story in China, they have not been confused at all and through their characters, they have made a personal approach to every kind of people. There is also the touch of Delhi, there is an emotional angle about Patiala. Kidnapper of China speaks to people there by teaching shayari in Hindi. These are things that increase the interest of the person who sees himself. There are a lot of confusion in the characters of the film, but there is no confusion in the viewer’s mind when showing on the screen.

Emotions do not hurt to hear the dialogues that have been speculative about the relations between India, Pakistan and China, but for a minute, you are compelled to think.

If you put more mind in the film then there are many drawbacks but they can be ignored. The film is about three hours in length, which can be slightly reduced. Also, it is good bollywood news for the fans of this series that the film ends at a turn, it has become clear that its next part will also come.


The songs of this movie are in line with the story of the film which looks good. The songs of the film have also been written by director Mudassar Aziz himself. Titled Song Happy will run away from the film in a little while and move the story forward. The 1958 film Howrah Bridge’s popular song ‘My Name Chin Chin Chu’ has been recreated in itself, which is sung by Sonakshi, Jassi Gill and Mudassar Aziz himself. There are five songs, including ‘My name Chin Chin Chu’, which are fun to hear.

Why not see / see

According to bollywood updates , after a long time, there has been a comedy film in Bollywood which is neat and tidy. It also has its own emotional story of every character, which keeps you bound till the end. You can see it with family and children. But if you put more logic in the movies then this movie will not be liked.

Mall of Saya Amazing Shops in Noida Extension

A brand new commercial hub is coming up in heart of the city with a new definition of shopping. Saya Mall is planned to change the face of Greater Noida West commercial hubsand the experience of shopping in Noida and in all adjoining cities. This is being structured to transform the landscape of Greater Noida West, which is the fastest developing city in Delhi NCR counting on both residential and commercial developments. Mall Of Saya will have different constructions for office spaces, megaplex, retail market place and food courts.

This massive development meets the international standards of shopping and will provide you the global experience of commercial retailing. This is going to be the best and very lucrative investment destination for those who are planning to start their own business or want to expand their business to new horizons. Breathtaking façade, beautiful fountains , world class designs, wonderful landscaping, open air zone with multiple entry and exit points makes this a very unique and exclusive shopping mall of Delhi NCR. The construction and designs are greatly appreciated by investors, customers and visitors and all are waiting for its early opening.

Features like10 screen multiplex with exclusive waiting launch for great movie viewing experience, huge food court, kids playing zone, high street shopping with more than 200 plus international brands, supermarkets, banks, parking space for more than thousands of vehicles, with very comfortable and eye soothing air conditioned environment, swimming pool, waiting area with services apartments, elegant office spaces with range of sizes as per your suitability and budget, fitness center and many more. Complete structure is earthquake resistant being built with international norms and standards and is very efficiently designed to have minimum operational and maintenance cost. So don’t wait and book your unit in the wonderful venture.

Sui Dhaaga logo out! Varun and Anushka take ‘Made in India’ to new level

Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan’s film ‘Sui Dhaaga’ have been in the limelight for a long time. There are many photos of the film is seen on social media. As per bollywood news, on the same day, Makers has released the logo of the film. This logo is absolutely special because such a logo has never been released in Bollywood before. With this, Makers released a video too.

Bollywood updates, Varun and Anushka are seen in this video. In this video, the couple is saying that the logo of the film ‘Sui Dhaaga’ under the banner of Yash Raj Films was released in a different fashion. As per bollywood updates, the logo of the film was sent not to the computer but through embroidery in many parts of the country. Makers had supplied the needle for the 15 weavers across the country. Bollywood updates is that these people came from Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Odisha, Punjab, Bengal, all the places. All these have been declared by the producers as the official logo of the film.

Bollywood news is that the makers have worked hard for the team’s logo. The special thing is that for the people of the film, the film team also reached some corner of the country where everyone could not reach.

Bollywood news about the film is that it is produced by Sharat Kataria, Manish Sharma is promoting this film. This films will be released in theaters this year on September 28, 2018. Let us tell you bollywood updates that, Varun and Anushka will be seen on the big screen for the first time.

Vidyut Jammwal is one of the top six martial artists in the world

Latest Bollywood News is that Vidyut Jammwal once again in discussions. Vidyut Jammwal, known for his martial arts and his unique action, has been included in a list of the world’s top martial arts artists by a reputed site in the US. As per Bollywood News, Vidyut Jammwal is the only Indian who is included in this list. Vidyut Jammwal has said in many forums that his dream is to bring martial art form Kalaripayattu to the world and now after this news it seems that this dream of power is gradually being done right.

Actor Vidyut Jammwal has just finished shooting for his next adventure film ‘Junglee’, which has got his action-thriller ‘Force’ and ‘Commandos’. The film was first being released on the occasion of Dussehra this year, but now the latest bollywood updates about the film is that it is going to be released on April 5, 2019. This film is directed by Chuck Russell, the famous filmmaker. Chuck Russell, as per bollywood updates, he is one of Hollywood recognized for the film ‘Scorpion King’, ‘The Mask’ and ‘The Eraser’. In such a scenario, it is obvious that the Vidyut Jammwal  action is going to be seen in ‘Junglee’ of Vidyut Jammwal.

As per bollywood news, ’Junglee’ is an action adventure film. Vidyut Jammwal  in this film is playing the role of an animal lover. In the film, he has become a companion of an elephant and through it the story of the beautiful relationship between humans and elephants will be shown on the screen. Bollywood Updates about the two pictures which are showing the look of Vidyut Jammwal  from the film have also come out and we are sure that after seeing these pictures you will be eagerly waiting for the film ‘Junglee’. In one of these photographs, the power has been raised at the point of the spear. This picture itself is enough to weave the film in itself.

Sawasdee Group Exclusive Apartments in Noida Extension

Sawasdee Group presents you the most modern residential projectsin Delhi NCR and Greater Noida West giving you an opportunity of living with modern amenities and with lot of greenery around. If you love the nature like gardens, trees or plants and fresh atmosphere, then Greater Noida West is the best option for you all. These ventures are full of contemporary design, stylish interiors and modular kitchen. You can enjoy the advantage of the location as it is directly connected to some of the major destinations. This township are located near to civic amenities and there is lot of greenery around where you can enjoy the beautifulview from your balconies.

Projects are not only a home but also a dream destination for home seekers with added features. Sawasdee Group is famous for their commitment of delivering their projects and developments on time. Therefore, investing in these wonderful projectswill make your life comfortable and remarkable. These townships welcomes all who loves nature and luxury as well.They are away from the noise and rush and are at a place where you find the comfort, peace and relaxation as well. Sawasdee Group always adds new concept in their every project. You can buy home with amazing flexible paymentsplans which reduce the burden of paying money at a time.

If you are wondering what awaits you here, then you will be glad to hear that Sawasdee Group offers  excited world class parks which includes new age grandeur and hospitalities.These projects are unique in every possible way and gives you a cool place to live way from the hectic pace of urbanlife. Sawasdee Group welcomes you to avail its luxurious accommodation and facilities in their excellent residential developments. Grab your chance to become a proud customer of Sawasdee group projects.

TDP MP invokes Mahesh Babu’s Bharat Ane Nenu during no-confidence motion debate


Latest Bollywood Updates is that during the debate on the motion of confidence in the Lok Sabha on Friday, the MP mentioned a movie to target the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Telugu Desam Party MP Galla Jaidev accused the government of not fulfilling its promises. During his speech, he referred to Mahesh Babu’s superhit film, ‘Bharat Aan Nenu’ and said that ‘the promises should be fulfilled’. As per bollywood Updates, there are probably very few occasions in India’s history, in which the films are mentioned in the House. But today Jaydev Galla of TDP mentioned the Telugu film ‘Bharat Anne Nanu’ in the Lok Sabha.

According to bollywood News, MP Galla Jaidev said, “The recently released Telugu movie ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’, which means ‘I am India’, is the story of a young migrant Indian whose name is Bharat. He returns home after sudden death of his Chief Minister father. He comes to politics forcefully, but becomes an active Chief Minister. ‘ The MP said, “Bharat always remembers her mother advice and abides by that. She said that one promise is promise and if does not complete that promise then he has no right to call herself a person.”  He said that this movie was a super hit because it spoke of the common man’s mind. The public has been bored with hollow assurances and incomplete promises.

Let me tell the bollywood news that MP Gaya Jaidev is the brother-in-law of actor Mahesh Babu. Jaydev, whose family owns the Amara king group. Mahesh Babu’s father and veteran Telugu actor Krishna’s son-in-law. He keeps a good deal from a well-known business family.

Gaya Jaidev is counted among wealthy MPs. During the general elections of 2014, he declared his total assets at 683 crores. Latest Bollywood news is that, by mentioning Mahesh Babu’s film, various responses came to the social media. Bollywood updates about some commented that they were trying to promote their film, while others have commented that it shows how politics and movies are deeply related to each other, especially in Andhra Pradesh.