Gaur City Center Sadar Bazaar– A Commercial Shopping Plaza

gaur city center

One of the city’s most well-known spending zones that are Gaur City Center Noida, this Commercial zone has stores export every possible style of clothing, accessories, shoes, and junk jewellery and knick knacks. You can devote hours wandering across the many lanes and bargaining to your heart’s content. This is the regular haunt for the compulsive shopper as you’ll discover something new on every visit.Shopping in the narrow streets of Chickpet and its surrounding areas is an adventure in itself.

Among the city’s oldest commercial districts, gaur City Center is famous for a wide variety of saris and wholesale dress materials and for jewellery mart. Once you’re through here, you can choose for bangles and shopping for your wedding and enjoy your full weekend. There are number of shops and is crowded with beautiful heritage buildings, food carts and hundreds of shops selling stationery, jewellery and textiles along with several stimulating things you won’t find anywhere else in the city. This is also the wonderful paradise where you can spend your quality time with your loved ones and shop till drop. Gaur city center is the best destination where shops are available at an affordable rate.

Gaur Sadar Bazaar of Gaur City center, a commercial shopping plaza is a popular hangout for both tourists and locals in the city. With an array of shops showcasing mid to high end branded apparel, the best thing about it is the walkway which permits you to safely window shop without being run over. A side attraction is the number of vendorsmarketing t-shirts, wallets and watches in the smaller lanes. There are a number of choices for the fashion conscious budget shopper. Here, you can purchase as well as enjoy your full day. Let’s come here and book your space where you can grow your business as well as entertain yourself.

Gaur City Centre – Intimate Commercial Zone

gaur city center

Gaur City Centre is located in Noida Extension close to sector-121 and is being set up for the fulfillment of the daily needs. It is the best commercial infrastructure incorporating luxury lifestyle and trendy shopping. It is a wide-spread project equipped with residential spaces, retail shops, showrooms and entertainment section. This shopping plaza spreads over an area of 112 acres and offers a residential home to over 15,000 families. The people who need an ultra-modern lifestyle and modern term shopping culture, choose only Gaur City Centre where you will always have something to do even if you feel tired.

This is the spacious zone where you can visit with your family and friends and enjoy your wonderful time. This luxury property adds to the charm of the people living nearby it. Perfect location, chic building design and comfort is all-in-one available within the shopping plaza. The shop owners can enjoy the breathtaking outside landscape from their shops from where the view is simply spectacular. A beautiful and comfy shopping is what one can expect here at the Gaur City Centre. It is very well known for its bouquet resorts and hotels, beautiful serenity and wonderful shops.

Feel special and shop luxury at this lovely plaza.Thus, staying and shopping in Delhi NCR is a great idea and the Gaur City Center can be an apt choice indeed. This shopping complex promises an elegant décor, state-of-the-art features and comfortable zone. This is the perfectly zone which is kids friendly and family-friendly, so one can conclude that it is absolutely safe and fun to enjoy at. This complex is a popular place that is not only for domestic guests but also for international visitors. So, book your shop and build your business at an affordable rate in this eco-friendly environment.