NX-One Corporate Suites enjoy the Latest Brand

nx onefloor-plans
NX One Corporate Suites master plan

With rising aspirations, better infrastructure and high standards of living, Noida has emerged as one of the top luxury housing markets in North India. That is the reason commercial project is also developing at a high rate and its demand is also increasing. To meet the sophisticated demand of the affluent buyers, DAH Group is developing its new commercial space in the Greater Noida West that is NX One Corporate Suites that has a larger shop with business space. These retail shops are splendidly constructed and adorned with futuristic amenities. It is occupying the prime location from where you can easily reach to anywhere.

NX One is an ultra-lavish creation of DAH Group designed to provide an elegant life style resulting in a full development of the project in an amazing way. NX One Corporate Suites interiors and exteriors are designed by Warner Wong from Singapore and the outside landscape is beautified by the green spaces and trees add to the exclusivity of the project.Sprawling across 9 acres of land that offers more than 400 units with size ranging between 800 square feet to 2712 square feet. Enjoy the lavishness and all the latest brand in this project. It ensures that you will find any kind of product and adds one more feather in your shopping.

NX-One Corporate Suites is a luxury shopper’s paradise offering everything a discerning buyer could possibly want. The whole project is amazingly categorized into the levels in which each level is very well defined. Lower level is filled with the latest fashion while top two floors are filled with entertainment and food court. It is just waiting for you to explore the luxury brands here and spend some useful time in eating, dancing and watching movie.It is a home to the most precious retailers such as Pantaloons, Louis Vuitton, etc. So, enter it and spend fun loving moments here.